Accreditation Review Assessment Process

Find out about the process for having regular assessments, once your organisation is accredited

Once your organisation is accredited, you must have regular assessments to show you're still meeting the accreditation standards.

How often you have these assessments depends on your accreditation level and the outcome of your last assessment.

Accreditation levels and compliance

There are 5 steps in the accreditation review assessment process. These are outlined below.

Step 1: We'll notify your organisation

We'll check your organisation is still eligible for accreditation.

You will receive a notification email from us, letting you know your review assessment is coming up. The email will give you a link to assessment questions that we need you to answer ahead of your assessment.


Your assessor can answer any questions you have about your assessment and the accreditation process.

Step 2: Complete review questions and upload documents

You'll have 20 working days to answer and provide the information needed for your assessment.

You will be able to answer your questions online and upload any documents relevant to the questions. At any point you can save your answers and come back to them.

For Level 1 – Level 3 accreditation: During this time, your assessor will be in touch to organise the time and date for your site visit. They will let you know what will happen at the site assessment and approximately how long it will take

Once you have answered your review questions, you can submit these.


If you don’t complete the online questions and provide supporting documents, an assessor will still proceed with your assessment. This will likely result in:

  • a large number of actions your organisation must complete
  • longer site visits. We will require more time from your organisation and staff (if your assessment requires a site visit).

Step 3: Assessor does a desk-based assessment

An accreditation assessor will review the information and documents you've provided. They will check that you still meet the compliance for your accreditation level.


You can check the progress of your accreditation assessment at any stage, by logging in to our online system.

Step 4: Assessor visits your site

If you have Level 4 accreditation, you won’t have a site visit. You will go to step 5.

If your organisation has Level 1, 2 or 3 accreditation, a site visit is required. Site visits allow assessors to view an organisation in operation.

In preparation for the site visit, your assessor will:

  • arrange a time and date
  • let you know what will happen
  • let you know if they will have a co-assessor assisting them
  • let you know approximately how long it will take.

At the site visit, your assessor will:

  • talk to staff and observe how the programme runs
  • look at facilities, equipment and other important documents they can’t look at online (e.g. staff files)
  • give you feedback.

If your assessor identifies any actions, they will let you know what needs to be corrected and when you need to complete these by.

Step 5: Assessment outcome

You will be sent a confirmation email, confirming your accreditation status. You will get this within 30 days of your site visit. This email will contain a link for you to login, access your assessment report and see any actions you may need to take.

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