Accreditation Review Assessment Process

Find out about the process for having regular assessments, once your organisation is accredited

Once your organisation is accredited, you must have regular assessments to show you're still meeting the accreditation standards.

At your last assessment, your assessor will have indicated when your next review will be. This will be in your last assessment report and outcome letter. How often you have these assessments depends on your accreditation level and the outcome of your last assessment.

Accreditation levels and compliance

There are 5 steps in the accreditation review assessment process. These are outlined below.

Step 1: We'll email your organisation

We'll check your organisation is still eligible for accreditation.

A team coordinator will contact you by email. This will be at least 20 days before information is required from you for a desk-based assessment by us.

The team coordinator will:

  • tell you what date an assessor will visit your site
  • tell you who the assessor is, if we know at the time
  • give you a pre-assessment questionnaire to complete.

The pre-assessment questionnaire outlines the type of information you need to provide.


An assessor can answer any questions you have about your assessment and the accreditation process.

Step 2: Send questionnaire and documents

You'll have 20 working days to collect the information requested in the pre-assessment questionnaire.

Complete the questionnaire and send it to the team coordinator. Please also provide any supporting documents relevant to the questions.

Level 1 – Level 3 accreditation

If you don’t send in your questionnaire and documents, an assessor will still come and do a site visit. Without the information, the visit will require an extra day of your organisations time.

Step 3: Assessor does a desk-based assessment

An accreditation assessor will review the information and documents you've provided. They will check that you still meet the compliance for your accreditation level.

For Level 1 – Level 3 accreditation

During the desk-based assessment, your assessor will confirm the time and date for your site visit. They will let you know what will happen at the site assessment and approximately how long it will take.

Step 4: Assessor visits your site

If you have Level 1, 2 or 3 accreditation, an assessor will come and visit your organisation.
If you have Level 4 accreditation, you won’t have a site visit. You can go to step 5.

How a site visit works

There will often be 2 assessors for a site visit.

Site visits allow an assessor to view the organisation in operation. At the site visit an assessor will talk to staff and observe how the programme runs. They will look at facilities, equipment and other important documents they can’t look at offsite (e.g. staff files).

The assessor will give you feedback at the time of the site visit.

If you have to make improvements, the assessor will talk to you about this. They’ll also send you a letter about what actions are required and when you need to complete these by.

Step 5: Assessment outcome

After an assessment has been completed, the assessor will send you a summary report and outcome letter. You’ll get this within 30 days of your site visit.

The letter will confirm the accreditation status for your organisation.

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