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Oversight functions on behalf of New Zealand government agencies.

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Pay Equity Claim Oversight and Support

MSD has commissioned Te Kāhui Kāhu to design and stand up the oversight function of NGO Pay Equity claims raised by employees against employers whose principal funding source is MSD.

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Core Worker Exemptions

People subject to the workforce restriction can apply for a core worker exemption. This will lift the prohibition set out in the Children’s Act 2014 and it will no longer be against the law to employ that person as a core children’s worker.

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Social Worker Registration Compliance and Support

Anyone in a role titled ‘Social Worker’ or practising as a social worker is required to be registered with the Social Workers Registration Board. Te Kāhui Kāhu responds to concerns about anyone presenting as a social worker or practising as a social worker that isn’t registered.

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Latest updates

Changes to OSCAR accreditation settings

We have made changes to the OSCAR accreditation eligibility criteria, minimum staff requirements, and the guidance in the OSCAR Standard.

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