Salesforce Authenticator

How to install Salesforce Authenticator

What is Salesforce Authenticator?

Salesforce Authenticator is a smartphone app that you will need to use for logging into Te Kāhui Kāhu Online. Along with your password, this will be how you log in to the system.

Step 1: Make sure you are looking for the right app

Salesforce Authenticator icon

The image on the right is the icon you should see and the app name is ‘Salesforce Authenticator’. Other apps may work as well however you may be charged to download these.

The Salesforce Authenticator app is free to use.

This app is available through both Google Play (for Android phone users) and the App Store (for Apple).

Step 2: Downloading the app

a) Search for the app

  • In Google Play or the App Store, enter ‘Salesforce Authenticator’ in the search bar.
Apple App Store screenshot

b) Select the correct app

  • Ignoring the ads for similar apps, choose ‘Salesforce Authenticator’
  • In the App Store this will look like the image on the right. For Android users the icon and name will be the same.

c) Open the app

  • Once downloaded, find the app icon on your phone, and select to open the app.

Step 3: Setting up

a) Feel free to skip the app tour with the ‘Skip Tour’ button on the top right

Skip tour screenshot

b) Next you will need to enter your mobile number and hit send

Enter phone number and we sent you a text screenshots

c) Now click on the link in the text. This will take you to the ‘Set a Passcode’ screen

Text received screenshot

d) Create your passcode, this can be any 4 digit code.

Set passcode screenshot

All done!

Let's get started screenshot

Your app is now fully set up and ready to connect to Te Kāhui Kāhu Online.

For help with connecting the app to your Te Kāhui Kāhu Online account, please see: How to set up your online account

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