Accessibility for our site

How accessible this website is

We've put our website and its content together so it works for all people. We've followed agreed accessibility standards to help us. Our content is for people with all levels of hearing, movement, sight and cognitive ability.

Our aim has been to write our content so it's:

  • easy to use
  • easy to read and understand
  • accessible to everyone
  • accessible on any device.

We're still working on making this website as accessible as we can.

Using NZ Government web standards

There are 2 web standards that New Zealand government organisations need to meet. These are:

  • Web Accessibility Standards
  • Web Usability Standards

We've used these standards when aiming to make our website accessible and usable for everyone.

Non-accessible content

The documents on our site are in PDF format and are not accessible. If you can't read or view a document, contact us

If you think we're not meeting the accessibility requirements, contact us. We'll do our best to fix any issues you come across.

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