Confidentiality, privacy, copyright and website disclaimer

Statements about confidential and private information, copyright and website disclaimer

Accreditation confidentiality and privacy statement

Confidentiality and confidential information

Te Kāhui Kāhu is committed to respecting the confidentiality of your information. Information will be used for accreditation purposes.


Contract information

If you have a contract with a government agency, it may include the Framework Terms and Conditions. For more information about confidential information, see the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s Procurement website.

Information sharing

We may provide government agencies with your organisation’s information—including accreditation information and contact details. This allows contract management activities to be streamlined.

Your organisation’s details will not be made public. They will be available to registered agency users securely via our accreditation system.

If you do not want us to share your organisation’s information with other agencies, you must inform us in writing.

Privacy and private information

Collecting information

Te Kāhui Kāhu applies the principles of the Privacy Act 2020 to all personal information it collects. Please see the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for more information.

We might need to ask for personal information for accreditation purposes. This information could include a staff member’s name, designation and contact details. The information we collect may be used to:

- contact your organisation regarding an application, accreditation assessment or issue

- ensure consistent and timely communication with your organisation.

Where possible, we will always ask your organisation directly for personal information. Providing this information is voluntary. However, we may not be able to complete the accreditation process if you do not submit the relevant information.

If any information that you provide is unclear, we will attempt to contact your organisation to clarify.


Police vetting

Te Kāhui Kāhu will not ask you to send staff vetting results. This information will only be viewed when we visit your organisation.

Using and retaining information

The personal information we collect will only be used by Te Kāhui Kāhu staff for accreditation purposes. It will only be accessed when there is a genuine need to contact your organisation about your accreditation.

Personal information you provide will be kept securely in our system. Our data is housed in secure data facilities in Australia and New Zealand. We keep personal information for the purposes of accreditation.


Viewing service user files and other personal information

Te Kāhui Kāhu will not collect or store identifiable information.

As part of the assessment process, we may need more personal information. This will be about your organisation’s staff, or the individuals, families and whānau you engage with. The information helps us to confirm that your organisation meets the accreditation standards.

An example of this is looking at evidence of suitable staff vetting. When we view this information, we will not record or keep anything that could identify specific individuals. We will instead record anonymised notes.

Accessing and correcting information

Under the Privacy Act 2020, you have the right to ask us to provide you with the details of any personal information we hold about you as an individual. Your organisation's staff members also have the right to ask for their personal information.

You have the right to ask us to update or amend any personal information we have about you, if you feel that it is incorrect or out of date.

To request a copy of your information, or a correction to your information, email:

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