OSCAR – new sites and services

Find out how to apply to add new sites or services to a current accreditation


You need to already be an accredited OSCAR provider in order to apply for additional OSCAR sites or services.

If your organisation has already met the Level 3 Social Sector Accreditation Standards, and the Out of School Care and Recreation (OSCAR) programmes standard, you can apply to add:

  • an additional programme delivery site, or sites, to a currently accredited OSCAR programme, or programmes
  • an additional service type, or types, to an existing site.

OSCAR service types

Each OSCAR programme is made up of OSCAR service types. These are:

  • Before school care
  • After school care
  • Holiday programmes
  • Camps.

If your organisation wants to apply for accreditation, please apply here.

Step 1: Fill in application form and gather documents

Fill out the applicable application form:

Level 3 OSCAR—adding a delivery site, or sites

Level 3 OSCAR—adding a service type, or types

Carefully fill out the application and provide as much information as you can. There are explanations to help with your responses. You will see which documents to include with your application.

The application forms are editable PDF documents. You can type into the form fields, select checkboxes and save the edited document.

Handwritten forms

If you print and fill out an application form by hand, it must be hand-signed. Handwritten forms should be scanned and emailed. Ensure you include any additional information if there isn’t space to fill everything in.

Step 2: Email application form and documents

Email your completed application form and supporting documents to: accreditation@tekahuikahu.govt.nz

You can also email us if you have any questions about the application process.


We cannot accept cloud links (eg, Dropbox, Onedrive, Googledrive etc). The best way to send us documents is to attach your files to an email in a Zip file. Please note that there is a 19Mb file size limit. An application can be sent in multiple emails. Note: we cannot open multi-zip or split-zip files.

Step 3: We will check your application is complete

We will check that:

  • your organisation meets the criteria to apply
  • the application form has been filled in correctly
  • supporting documents have been attached.

Our team will email you within 10 working days with a response. We will let you know if we need more information from you.

If we receive a complete application, we will confirm this with you.

If you submit your application without all required documentation, we will inform you that it is incomplete. You will have 20 working days to submit any outstanding documentation before the application is declined.

Step 4: We will assign an accreditation assessor

We will assign your organisation with an accreditation assessor.

The assessor will be in touch to let you know they have been assigned to your application. They can answer any questions you have about your application and the process.

Step 5: Assessor does an assessment

An accreditation assessor will review the information and documents you've provided. They will check to see if you meet the requirements for the addition you have applied for and also consider any findings from previous accreditation reviews.

Once your application has been reviewed, we will contact you to confirm the next steps. A site visit is normally required for a new delivery site.

Step 6: Application outcome

The assessor will send you an assessment summary report and accreditation letter confirming the outcome of your application.

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