Governance and management resources

Useful links and resources to help your organisation meet the Governance and management structure and systems accreditation standard

Important information

Governance and management structure and systems standard:

The organisation has a clearly defined and effective governance and management structure and systems.

Please read the accreditation standards for your level carefully, including the guidance.

Governance and management resources

Having the foundations of your business set up correctly is important. Below are some links to help your organisation with this:

Sole Traders - Verifying that you run as a business

An NZBN is required to evidence you are a real business:

Privacy Act Changes 2020 - what does it mean for providers

On 1 December 2020, the new Privacy Act came into effect. The Privacy Act 2020 introduces new privacy protection obligations for organisations. This includes mandatory privacy breach notifications and new offences and enforcements.

The Privacy Act 2020 is relevant for all accredited providers. The new requirements became part of standard accreditation assessment processes from 1 December 2020.

Organisations are asked to evidence the following:

  • Policies and procedures for the collection, use and retention of personal information. These include:
    • provisions for reporting privacy breaches to the Privacy Commissioner, and to affected individuals, when required to do so under the Privacy Act.
  • That there are appropriate information technology (IT) and cyber-security safety measures in place. These include:
    • measures to protect collected information from unauthorised access or loss—for example, firewalls; system updates; antivirus software; and password protection
    • regular review of user accounts, passwords and system access
    • security of IT hardware and devices, including processes for e-waste disposal.
  • That staff understand privacy requirements. These include:
    • having at least one nominated privacy officer; and
    • training staff in the organisation’s privacy policies and procedures.

Privacy of Information and Data Security

Ensuring clients privacy is respected and your data is secure:

There is a range of free privacy resources available from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, including information sheets and free e-training modules.

Find out about what ‘doing the right thing’ looks like when collecting or using people’s data and information.

Information on data security protection is also available from the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT NZ):

Business and employment resources

Information on your rights and responsibilities as an employer and employee in New Zealand.

Free legal help throughout New Zealand

Tools, videos, quizzes and visual guides to help you manage and run your business:

Relevant Legislation

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