Ways accreditation can be removed

Find out about the different ways accreditation can be removed

There are 3 ways accreditation can be removed:

  • your organisation can ask for their own accreditation to be removed – this is called relinquishment
  • your organisation no longer meets the eligibility criteria for accreditation
  • issues or concerns have been raised about your organisation’s accreditation.

Request to relinquish accreditation

Your organisation can ask for accreditation to be relinquished if your organisation:

  • is no longer operating, or
  • has had a change to services and you don’t need accreditation anymore, e.g. no longer contracted by an agency.

To relinquish your accreditation, you need to email accreditation@tekahuikahu.govt.nz with:

  • your organisation’s legal name
  • your organisation’s trading name (if different)
  • your organisation’s address
  • confirmation that your organisation wants to relinquish accreditation.

If accreditation is relinquished, your organisation can still apply for it again in the future.

No longer eligible for accreditation

Once your organisation is accredited, you will have regular assessments. As part of this process, Te Kāhui Kāhu will check your organisation is still eligible for accreditation.

If you’re no longer eligible, Te Kāhui Kāhu will remove your organisation’s accreditation status.

If you are no longer eligible for accreditation, you can apply when you are eligible again.

Issues or Concerns

If issues or concerns are raised about your organisation’s accreditation, Te Kāhui Kāhu will be talking to the relevant contracting agencies for your organisation. We will be letting them know about the issues and that suspension may be an option.

We may suspend your organisation’s accreditation and ask you to address the issues or concerns. If they aren’t addressed, we may then remove your accreditation – this is called revocation.

Find out more about the suspension and revocation process

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