Client-centred services resources

Useful links and resources to help your organisation meet the Client-centered services accreditation standard

Important information

Client-centred services standard:

The organisation treats people with respect and delivers services in a manner that has regard for their dignity, privacy and independence.

Please read the accreditation standards for your level carefully, including the guidance.

Resources about diversity and inclusion

The purpose of the Health and Disability Commissioner is to promote and protect the rights of clients:

Health and Disability Commissioner

Health and Disability Commissioner - Code of Rights

The Disabilities Resource Centre is there to make life easier for the elderly and those with disabilities.

Disability resource centre

Inside Out is a charity providing resources, information, workshops, consulting and support for anything concerning rainbow or LGBTQIA+ issues and education for schools, workplaces and community organisations.

Gender identity / self-identity resource

The Human Rights Commission undertakes several projects to help promote harmonious race relations and encourage all Kiwis to treat each other with respect, dignity and mana irrespective of race, ethnicity or faith.

Race Relations NZ

Resources about privacy for individuals

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner (OPC) works to develop and promote a culture in which personal information is protected and respected. Am individual can ask for their personal information from any organisation.

Privacy Commissioner - About Me

There have been changes to the Privacy Act in December 2020, find out more about this below:

Privacy Act 2020

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