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Useful links and resources to help your organisation meet the Staffing accreditation standard

Important information

Staffing standard:

The organisation has the staffing capability and capacity to deliver services safely.

Please read the accreditation standards for your level carefully, including the guidance.

Resources about staff management and vetting

Resource for an understanding of employee rights, wage and holiday obligations:

Ensuring staff are properly vetted, is important:

Sole Traders – Proof of Vetting

As a Sole Trader, you will still need to prove that you have been vetted. Some options for vetting:

  • Police Vet
  • MoJ Vet sighting (Note: MoJ advises this is free and takes 20 working days)
  • CV check: This is a third party service that gather a range of key information including ID verification and a criminal record check on your behalf. There is a cost to completing the CVCheck process which will need to be covered by the applicant.

We will also require evidence that you have considered the results of your vetting.

Managing Conflicts of Interest

Safety check guidance for sole traders and self employed individuals

Organisations with No Staff

If an organisation does not employ staff it may be exempt from meeting some of the staffing standard criteria.

Organisations in this position will need to declare the following information:

  • You have no staff (including volunteers) and do not intend to employ staff.
  • That if you do enter into a recruitment process in the future, you will notify Te Kāhui Kāhu before engaging in this process.

It will become a condition of your accreditation that you do not employ staff.


  • Organisations with no staff still need to do vetting for their themselves.
  • Organisations with no staff still need to meet the Children’s Act 2014 if they work with children.

Relevant legislation

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