Financial Management and systems resource

Useful links and resources to help your organisation meet the Financial management and systems accreditation standard

Important information

Financial management and systems standard:

The organisation is financially viable and manages its finances competently.

Please read the accreditation standards for your level carefully, including the guidance.

Resources about financial management

Financial support schemes to help businesses and their employees in times of difficulty, to recover from the effects of COVID-19.

Tools and expert advice from government and industry, designed to help Kiwi businesses save time and succeed.

Forecasting your cash flow helps you understand your business health.

A guide for businesses and non-profit organisations.

Controller and Auditor-General gives Parliament, public entities, and the public independent assurance that public entities are operating, and accounting for their performance. 

Charities Services promotes public trust and confidence in the charitable sector.

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand represents more than 128,000 financial professionals. Supporting them to make a difference.

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